Sweet Revenge (1987) Nancy Allen, Ted Shackelford, Martin Landau, Sal Landi, Michele Little, Gina Gershon Movie Review

Sweet Revenge (1987)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ted Shackelford and Nancy Allen in Sweet Revenge (1987)

Revenge is Making Others Watch This

Investigative journalist, Jillian Grey (Nancy Allen) and her daughter end up being abducted and tossed into a white slavery camp run by the evil Geoffrey Cicero (Landau) as Jillian had been investigating the story of 3 friends; K.C. (Gershon), Tina (Adams) and Lee (Little) who have gone missing. Grey, her daughter and these women all set about escaping with the aid of smuggler of perfume Boone (Ted Shackelford) but before they do they plan on getting some SWEET REVENGE.

If I try to compare "Sweet Revenge" to another movie to try and give you some idea of what sort of movie it is I would say it is a bit like "Romancing the Stone" when it comes to Ted Shackelford's part as he is are one liner dropping bad boy hero, the smuggler who helps some women escape. But then there are the women in the movie who all seem extremely comfortable when it comes to kicking butt, bit Charlie's Angels like but a lot more cheesy. Cheesy actually doesn't even come close to describing this movie which seems to be making it up as it goes and not doing a very good job of doing it either.

I am going to be honest and just say that "Sweet Revenge" is simply a bad movie with nothing about it actually being any good. But in being so bad it borders on being enjoyable with Nancy Allen leading the likes of Gina Gershon and Michelle Little in some bad butt kicking action. The thing is that even for the 80s the corny nature of "Sweet Revenge" seems so extreme that I have to wonder how this movie ever saw the light of day.

What this all boils down to is that "Sweet Revenge" is a bad movie from the start to finish but at times it does become entertainingly bad, just not all the time.