Survivor (2014) starring Danielle Chuchran, Kevin Sorbo, Rocky Myers, Ruby Jones directed by John Lyde Movie Review

Survivor (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Danielle Chuchran in Survivor (2014)

Not Quite The 100

When Earth gave up the ghost, survivors took to the spaceships in search of another planet to inhabit. But after 37 years time is running out for these interstellar travellers and their children and whilst they can train in a virtual reality simulator for the day that they come across a planet which will be inhabitable it won't mean a thing if they don't find one soon. When enthusiastic cadet Kate Mitra (Danielle Chuchran) discovers a planet through a worm hole she becomes part of the team under Captain Hunter (Kevin Sorbo) who journey to the planet to see if it is safe to try and inhabit. But they are not alone as the planet is not only inhabited by dangerous aliens but also a tribe of feisty warriors.

Back in 2014 I became hooked on an American series called "The 100", if you haven't seen it is about humans who ended up in space due to a nuclear catastrophe on Earth and now a group lead by the blonde haired Clarke are back on Earth to see if is inhabitable again only to find it inhabited by various tribes. Trust me when I say "Survivor" shares a passing resemblance to "The 100" from a group of people trying to find a planet to inhabit, Kate doing battle with warriors to Kate being, an attractive blonde. Yes there are some noticeable differences with Kate and the cadets being trained in combat and being lead by a Captain but it is all too familiar. Of course there are other series and movies which some people may find it similar to, "Planet of the Apes" came to mind a few times whilst I watched "Survivor".

Kevin Sorbo in Survivor (2014)

Now for some it will mean that "Survivor" is just derivative nonsense but hey if people want this sort of thing especially done on a level which doesn't require much thought to follow then why not. In fact if I was twenty years younger I would enjoy "Survivor" a whole lot more because a twenty-ish me would say Danielle Chuchran is a babe who rocks. Yes that is shallow but then "Survivor" works at that visual shallow level and is not concerned with delivering some grand storyline which will have you captivate right up until the ending by possibilities. Nope instead it is more concerned with whether you enjoy watching blonde haired Kate doing battle with various predators she comes across and riding a horse bare back.

On a serious note for a minute I have to say that whilst at times the production values impressed it does also suffer from some very false styling which unfortunately means that if you keep feeling this is derivative will only make matters worse. In truth "Survivor" is a case that it gets some things right and you can see that with more time and money the final movie could have been pretty decent rather than just pretty and often groan worthy.

What this all boils down to is that if you are young and are a fan of "The 100" there is a decent chance that you might enjoy "Survivor" but for those who are older it might end up a bit too derivative and too pretty to really work.