Survival Code (2013) Ty Olsson, Patrick Gallagher, Michelle Harrison, Christine Horne Movie Review

Survival Code (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ty Olsson in Survival Code (2013)

Can You Survive this Movie

In the year 2045 the planet's natural resources such as oil & gas are now depleted and the snow caps rapidly shrinking, former MMA fighter Vic Carboneau (Ty Olsson) has bribed his way to be in charge of Borealis where the last of those natural resources lay. But it makes Borealis a hot bed of activity as various groups descend upon the small community where Vic also runs a bar. When things boil over Vic returns to his roots and to keep control ends up in a cage fight against some Russians.

When you watch and review movies for a living you get to the point that the only movies you remember are those which are either really good or really bad, the rest just end up being forgettable and, whilst I hate the term, they end up 'blah'. "Survival Code" ends up one of those 'blah' movies which I wouldn't have been surprised if someone took an idea for a sci-fi movie and then tinkered with it so it would be a vehicle for Ty Olsson and show off his action skills. Unfortunately in doing so the storyline gets lost and becomes this bland mix of characters and rising tensions at this remote station in the far North.

To put this in to context I started to watch "Survival Code" but after half an hour realised I had become distracted by something else and ended up having to start the movie again and really try to keep watching it as once again it failed to really draw me in and keep me engaged in what was happening. Part of the trouble is that the movie does a terrible job of introducing and establishing characters and as such ends up feeling like it is relying on the looks of the actors to try and win you over. But it is a case that every aspect of the movie fails to engage from the look to the characters down to what all the trouble is about.

What this all boils down to is that "Survival Code" isn't a terrible movie but one which ends up a chore to keep watching as it fails to draw you in to the characters and the situation going on at Borealis.