Surrender - Hell! (1959) starring Keith Andes, Susan Cabot, Paraluman, Nestor de Villa directed by John Barnwell Movie Review

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Keith Andes in Surrender - Hell! (1959)

Surrender to the Propaganda

When he receives the command from his superior officer that he and his colleagues must surrender Lt. Donald D. Blackburn (Keith Andes) just can't do it and goes off on his own in to the jungle. There having to survive the elements as well as the wildlife Blackburn comes across a group of Filipino's whose dislike of the Japanese equals his own. With his military training he sets about teaching these locals how to fight so that he can lead an assault on the enemy.

Whilst adapted from a novel written by Philip Harkins you could say that "Surrender - Hell!" is inspired by Lt. Donald D. Blackburn and I am sure the much decorated Blackburn's story of what he encountered during WWII is an enthralling one. Unfortunately "Surrender - Hell!" feels like someone has taken Blackburn's story and used it to create a propaganda movie about why American's should not like the Japanese. But like with many propaganda movies it is less than subtle when it comes to its message.

There is another side to "Surrender - Hell!" as we see Blackburn in the jungle who after meeting a woman has to deal with illness and the conditions in the jungle. Again it is not the most subtle of stories but we do get some atmosphere such as a close encounter with the enemy when they go swimming in a pool or when Donald contracts Malaria.

There isn't a great deal more you can say about "Surrender - Hell!" other than every aspect of it lacks subtlety from the action to the acting and goes about things in such a heavy handed manner that it is at times laughable.

What this all boils down to is that "Surrender - Hell!" is a movie for those who are on a mission to watch every war movie ever made as it offers little for anyone else who is just looking for some war action entertainment.