Super Storm (2012) (aka: Mega Cyclone) David Sutcliffe, Mitch Pileggi, Erica Cerra, Jon Mack, Leah Cairns, Brett Dier Movie Review

Super Storm (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

David Sutcliffe in Super Storm (2012) (aka: Mega Cyclone)

The Disaster Club

It's Saturday morning and Will (Brett Dier), Megan (Luisa D'Oliveira - Seeds of Destruction), Susan (Cindy Busby) and Lawson (Reilly Dolman - Bond of Silence) have all shown up at Heartfield High School for detention, organized by Will's father, Jason (David Sutcliffe - Deadly Inferno). The plan is for those in detention to help set up the hall for the science fair which is due to start on the Monday. But there is something bigger going on in the outside world as the town of Heartfield gets hit by a series of unexplainable weather phenomena which are putting everyone's lives in danger. But maybe what is going on is down to Megan whose project for the science fair may have managed to create the destruction particle.

Entertaining nonsense is what "Super Storm", also known as "Mega Cyclone", is. It isn't high brow entertainment or even average brow entertainment, just the sort of made for TV disaster movie nonsense which for people like me can relieve the monotony of watching and reviewing one serious movie after another. As such I have to say right away that anyone who watches "Super Storm" with high expectations is likely to be disappointed by the sci-fi/disaster nonsense let alone the acting or the effects which fill this movie.

The truth is "Super Storm" is on par with most made for TV disaster movies and feels like you could tick off the various cliches and elements which are in this and have filled other movies. As such we have a couple of familiar faces in David Sutcliffe and Mitch Pileggi whilst we also have the less than believable special effects from bolts of lighting through to a plane flying through a less than normal storm. We also have a young, attractive cast of enthusiastic actors and a lot of forgettable dialogue. Yes there are some specifics such as an almost "The Breakfast Club" set up of a Saturday detention as well as a school science project which has something to do with all this disaster but it could easily be a vending machine gone haywire as the specifics are not that important to the overall story.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Super Storm" is not a great movie it is the sort of entertaining nonsense which is worth a watch if you just want some mindless movie fun.