Super Eruption (2011) Richard Burgi, Juliet Aubrey, MyAnna Buring, Peter Vollebregt, Sarah Brown, Owen Davis, Daniel S. Ehrlich, Lincoln Frager Movie Review

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Juliet Aubrey in Super Eruption (2011)

Super Ridiculous

As lava starts to flow from the Yellowstone Caldera, a super volcano beneath Yellowstone Park, the specialists at the DMA fear that if the volcano was to fully erupt it would probably wipe out the United States with the combination of lava and a toxic cloud of gas which will form over the country and might even cover the entire planet. With the situation becoming desperate Kate (Juliet Aubrey - Iris), a scientist, and Charlie (Richard Burgi - Committed), a park ranger, must find a way to plug the leaking lava in order to save the planet and the way to do it may really surprise Kate.

I've watched a few movies about volcanoes spurting out a dangerous flow of lava and I am waiting for the day that someone comes up with an idea of dropping from a height a wagon load of antacid into the volcano in the hope it calms it down. Yes it is a ridiculously stupid idea but then so many of these movies feature some sort of ridiculous idea when it comes to saving the day and "Super Eruption" unsurprisingly features a ridiculous idea as well as a ridiculous story set up, ridiculous special effects and everything else which you expect from one of these boastful made for TV disaster movies that feature worlds like "Mega" and "Super" in the title. But embrace the ridiculous and mock the bad and these movies, including "Super Eruption", are entertaining.

Richard Burgi in Super Eruption (2011)

Now I am going to say spoiler alert because I have to reveal a ridiculous twist to make you understand how ridiculous "Super Eruption" is so if you just want to embrace the bad watch it now. So "Super Eruption" starts with Charlie parachuting in to danger only to see his daughter die, it then jumps to him and Kate at the DMA trying to come up with a plan to save the day before jumping back a day or two earlier to when it all started with a couple of tourists in a river getting burned when the first spurt of lava sneaks through. All quite typical as is the initial antagonistic relationship between Charlie and Kate provides some amusement whilst the arrival of his attractive daughter brings with it a twist as we realise she is going to be more pivotal than first thought. But then out of nowhere Kate is contacted over the computer system by herself in the future. Yes you did read that and it is super ridiculous a is when it mentions the last man on Earth.

But the thing is that whilst "Super Eruption" is ridiculously ridiculous it hits all the right notes for those who enjoy these terrible made for TV disaster movies. From the special effects to the twists all these things will make you smile and groan in unison. And whilst the characters are weak the performance from Richard Burgi and Juliet Aubrey add to the entertainment with not super serious performances but with just the right amount of awareness when it comes to how stupid the movie is.

What this all boils down to is that "Super Eruption" is another one of those movies for those who enjoy the disaster zone of made for TV disaster movies. And this one is even more ridiculous than normal with a twist which in truth you will either find hilarious or seriously bad.