Sun, Sand & Romance (2017) Tricia Helfer, Paul Campbell, Scott Elrod, Heidi Fielek, Sadie Robertson, Tim Russ Movie Review

Sun, Sand & Romance (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Paul Campbell and Tricia Helfer in Sun, Sand & Romance (2017)

The Right Guy for Her

Kate (Tricia Helfer - Operation Christmas) and Eric (Scott Elrod - Home Run) seem to be the dream couple as not only are they attractive but they are both extremely driven when it comes to their respective careers in marketing and land development. On a much needed vacation they head to a resort in Cancun but on arrival Eric learns a major real estate developer is also there and he can't pass up on an opportunity to try to seal a major deal. It leaves Kate to mainly vacation alone although on arriving she discovers Shep (Paul Campbell - Once Upon a Holiday), an old friend from when they use to be camp counsellors together, is in charge of entertainment at the resort. With Shep insisting he makes Kate's vacation fun they find themselves spending plenty of time together leading to Kate wondering whether her life is exactly what she wants, including whether Eric is the right guy for her.

I have a category I use when it comes to Hallmark movies, it is called "The Right Life Group" and in that category I put all the Hallmark movies which feature a woman who runs in to an old friend and finds herself questioning both her career choice as well as her choice in men. As you can imagine there are quite a few movies in this category and "Sun, Sand & Romance" is the latest addition to this ever expanding group. As such it has to be said that "Sun, Sand & Romance" is a self explanatory movie as Kate begins to realise the life she has and the man she dates is not what she once wanted and discovers that her teen dreams of being a writer of children's books is what she still wants to do. I really don't need to say much more when it comes to the storyline as there are no real surprises in this.

But like with so many Hallmark movies "Sun, Sand & Romance" has plenty of easy going charm which comes from the likeable nature of the cast. And the cast is well chosen as you have 3 levels with Paul Campbell doing every day nice, Scott Elrod as that driven and arrogant hunk with Tricia Helfer fitting in between nicely with the great looks but giving the character a good heart. Look the characters in "Sun, Sand & Romance" are as routine as the whole right life for her aspect of it but it works.

What this all boils down to is that "Sun, Sand & Romance" is a routine Hallmark romantic comedy which will entertain those who like the easy to watch nature of these movies but might bore those who watch expecting something more.