Summer of Dreams (2016) Debbie Gibson, Robert Gant, Pascale Hutton, Ken Tremblett Movie Review

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Debbie Gibson in Summer of Dreams (2016)

In her Dreams

In her day Debbie Taylor (Debbie Gibson) was a mega pop star, but as the years have passed her star power has faded and now she finds herself being dropped from the record label she joined as a 15 year old, as she is no longer relevant and behind the times. With no money coming in and costs going up Debbie decides to head off to get away from everything and ends up in suburban Ohio, living at her sister's whilst teaching a group of talented kids music. Initially believing that learning from these kids might be away of recreating herself and reviving her career she discovers that there is more to life than being famous.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the producers behind "Summer of Dreams" pitched this movie to Debbie Gibson, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some sweaty palms as they wondered whether or not the one time pop star would be upset by a story you could say feels a little close to home. The thing is that I say close to home but in truth "Summer of Dreams" is only a formula driven Hallmark movie so whilst you have the in-joke of Debbie Gibson playing a washed up pop star and a couple of other gags such as a mention of her losing a gig to Tiffany it always stays to that familiar Hallmark formula.

As such you know how "Summer of Dreams" is going to play out the minute Debbie Taylor heads off to suburbia and ends up teaching a group of talented kids. You know of course she will meet a nice guy but the chance of resurrecting her career will leave her facing a choice before the movie ends. As such whilst you have some in-jokes the end product is pleasant but ordinary with of course Debbie managing to channel her student's talents. As such whilst Debbie Gibson is fun and Robert Gant does mature nice guy love interest with so much ease, the romance and the humour is just about okay but nothing special.

What this all boils down to is that "Summer of Dreams" is fun but only in a typical Hallmark romantic comedy sort of way and it never really taps in to the rich vein of humour which could have come from having Debbie Gibson playing a washed up pop star.