Summer Love (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Lucas Bryant, Rachael Leigh Cook and Travis Milne in Summer Love (2016)

A Hallmark Internship

After her husband died life changed for Mia (Rachael Leigh Cook) as she went from being mum to her daughter to dad as well and then to student, returning to college as a mature student to get a degree in accounting so that she can get a decent job and end their constant financial struggle. With her daughter off at summer camp Mia finds herself at a fast paced app company where as an intern she is older than pretty much everyone who works there. But as she struggles with the high tech lingo and competitive nature of the other interns she also finds herself with CFO Colin (Lucas Bryant) and also CEO Will Martin (Travis Milne) both vying for her attention, not that she thought she was ready to find love again.

Anyone who watches Hallmark movies know that the writers often seem to take their leads from the big screen and whilst you would never compare Rachael Leigh Cook to the combined talents of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson "summer Love" seems to take its lead from "The Internship". As such part of the movie's charm and comedy comes from Mia being a fish out of water in the world of a high tech company and finding the extravagance and way of life all a bit ridiculous whilst her down to Earth approach working. And in fairness for the audience who enjoy a Hallmark movie the humour of having coffee flown in from Peru which has been digested by an animal and so on will make them smile.

Now there are extra things going on including business struggles for Will and Colin, you can guess where that will go. But of course just as much of "summer Love" is about Mia finding herself with two men interested in her, the confident Will and the charming Colin. I will leave you to find out which one of course ends up more suitable but of course you will soon realise which one will be a better fit as it comes down to the actors. On the subject of which the trio of Rachael Leigh Cook, Lucas Bryant and Travis Milne all play off of each other quite nicely but never really being memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "Summer Love" is some light hearted Hallmark fun which whilst not overly memorable will make fans of Hallmark movies smile.