Submerged (2005) starring Steven Seagal, William Hope, Vinnie Jones, Christine Adams, Nick Brimble, Alison King, P.H. Moriarty, Gary Daniels, Ross McCall directed by Anthony Hickox Movie Review

Submerged (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Alison King in Submerged (2005)

Bury it and Leave it There

Chris Cody (Steven Seagal) finds himself being released from a military prison to head up a rescue mission as a group of American soldiers have been captured during a mission to bring down a scientist with mind control capabilities. It seems the mad scientist has control of various people including some within the secret service. So Cody and his team have their worked cut out to not only rescue the prisoners but do the job they were sent to do originally.

Does Steven Seagal fancy himself as a Sean Connery type or is it that the movies he makes are lacking in anything which comes close to originality. I say that because as I watched "Submerged" I just kept thinking about "The Rock" with Connery as Cage as the whole set up of Seagal as a prisoner being released to lead a mission is a little similar. In truth it is also similar to some other movies which Seagal has made and this one just blurs into those other movies.

Steven Seagal in Submerged (2005)

Now I could go in to detail and mention the plot holes or that the plot is only a vehicle for the action but I would be repeating what I have said about other Seagal movies so instead I will mention one thing. That thing is the hatchet job done in post editing which smashes any legs there were in this movie right out from under it. Now some might think I am on about the action being hacked to death and yes it is but so is the rest of the movie which jumps around all over the place turning it into an intelligible mess. Some may be screaming at me saying what do you expect it is a Seagal movie but "Submerged" is really down there with his worst rather than just being disappointing.

Aside from that I can give those in Britain maybe two reasons to watch "Submerged" starting with Vinnie Jones who is one of Seagal's team and plays him in a typical cocky hard man manner. The other is that Alison King from Coronation Street is also in the movie and looking smoking hot I might add. But other than these recognizable faces and a few others there is nothing else; no atmosphere, no great action, no great characters simply nothing.

What this all boils down to is that there is only one reason I can give you to watch "Submerged" and that is if you are a mad fan of Seagal who needs to tick it off of their list.