Stuart Little 2 (2002) Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, Jonathan Lipnicki Movie Review

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Stuart Little 2 (2002)

A Little More Fun

Life as a Little has become a bit difficult for Stuart (Michael J. Fox) as not only has his brother, George (Jonathan Lipnicki - The Little Vampire), found himself a human friend who he likes to hang out with but their mum (Geena Davis) is extremely protective of little Stuart to the point she won't let him do anything in case he gets hurt. But if things are difficult for Stuart they are even worse for Snowbell (Nathan Lane) the cat as not only has he been demoted to food mopper-upper and unable to do what cats do with mice but when Stuart adopts a canary he rescues from a falcon Snowbell isn't allowed to chase the canary either. But when one day the canary, called Margalo (Melanie Griffith), goes missing Stuart and Snowbell venture out in to the city to try and find her fearing that the falcon has her again.

"Stuart Little 2" is a nice movie on so many levels, ticking many a box along the way. The first of those boxes it ticks is that visually it is once again nice with the animation/CGI work to make Stuart and also Margalo seem real and actually feels like it is a bit better than in the first "Stuart Little" movie. We also have the good natured appeal with Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie playing an old fashioned mom & pop in their nice home and wearing nice clothes. It is all incredibly nice and if I was a parent I would be more than happy to let my children watch something this innocent.

And on top of that "Stuart Little 2" has just enough meaning to make it a movie with a purpose rather than just attention grabbing nonsense. As such we have lessons about being over protective, lessons about loneliness as well as a few others along the way. But none of these lessons ever come across as being too forced and instead they are nicely worked in with all the comedy to make this sequel the sort of movie which some may find themselves wanting to watch again. But again like with the first movie this sequel is very much a movie for children rather than for all the family with not a huge amount for grown ups.

What this all boils down to is that "Stuart Little 2" is a nice sequel and is sure to entertain those who enjoyed the first movie. But for me it is once again a movie predominantly made for children rather than family with not a huge amount for adults who find themselves watching it.