Stranded (2002) (aka: Black Horizon) Michael Dudikoff, Ice-T, Hannes Jaenicke, Paul Michael Robinson Movie Review

Stranded (2002)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Michael Dudikoff in Stranded (2002) (aka: Black Horizon)

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American and Russian astronauts discover a fault with the equipment aboard a space station which puts them in danger unless a rescue mission can reach them in time. The team put together includes Ed Carpenter (Michael Dudikoff) and they quickly start their journey to the stranded astronauts. But it seems there is some corruption going on and someone doesn't want them to succeed.

I will apologise for that brief synopsis but I couldn't bring myself to write any more about "Stranded" or "Black Horizon" as it is also known because it is such a poor movie. In fact I will tell you now I don't plan to write much more about it because it doesn't warrant it and is both a waste of my time and yours. So simply astronauts stuck in space, rescue mission sent but someone back on Earth is trying to sabotage things for their own gain leading to our rescue team to have to be doubly heroic. Trouble is that none of this is exciting and right from the word go the only thing it is is cheesy.

To make matters worse the various special effects are less than convincing be it someone working on the outside of the space station or seeing one of the rescuers blown in to space due to an air lock breaking. And sadly the set designs don't add much to the movie either and you get a sense that all the boards of flashing lights and so on were purloined from the store room where they weren't even dusty as another cheap sci-fi movie had only just finished with them.

What this all boils down to is that the only way you might enjoy "Stranded" is if you are either a huge fan of Michael Dudikoff or really love bad movies. But there is little about this movie which is entertaining and sadly is the sort of movie you wish was over almost as soon as it starts.