Storm and Sorrow (1990) starring Lori Singer, Todd Allen, Marcia Cross, Jay Baker, Ágnes Bánfalvy, John David Bland, Steven Anderson directed by Richard A. Colla Movie Review

Storm and Sorrow (1990)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Lori Singer and Marcia Cross in Storm and Sorrow (1990)

Tackling Lenin

In 1974 rock climber Molly Higgins (Lori Singer - The Man with One Red Shoe) is invited to join the US Team attempting to climb Lenin Peak in Russia. But shortly after arriving at the training camp she not only discovers that the mainly male team are full of chauvinists but with her lack of experience in climbing ice some of the team believe she should be sent back. So not only does she need to prove herself as a climber but also prove she is the equal of her sexist team members.

There are two ways you can look at "Storm and Sorrow" and depending on your movie experiences will determine what you get. By that what I mean is that for those who have only watched mainstream mountain climbing movies this will come across as hugely impressive. There is certainly a lot more realism to the climbing aspects than in the likes of "Cliffhanger" and in fairness when it focuses purely on the climbing and dangers it is a good movie.

But there is another side to "Storm and Sorrow" and that is the true story of Molly Higgins joining a climbing expedition and having to prove herself. Now I don't know the true story so I can only say how the movie comes across and it seems to make a big thing about the men in the expedition being sexist pigs. Maybe Molly did face a lot of sexism but the men are so over the top in their attitude to women that it makes it feel forced and it distracts from the adventure and danger of the climb which is where it is at its best.

What this all boils down to is that "Storm and Sorrow" is an interesting and often entertaining movie. But it does feel like it over emphasizes some of the elements to the point of making it feel forced.