Stop the Wedding (2016) Rachel Boston, Niall Matter, Lini Evans, Alan Thicke Movie Review

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Niall Matter and Rachel Boston in Stop the Wedding (2016)

A Matter of Love & Marriage

Having set up her own law firm, Anna Colton (Rachel Boston - A Gift of Miracles) has little time for romance especially as she primarily deals with divorce cases. So when Anna learns that her dear Aunt Belle (Lini Evans - Unleashing Mr. Darcy) has fallen for new neighbour, the much married and divorced veteran movie star Sean Castleberry (Alan Thicke - A Cookie Cutter Christmas) she hears the news she dreads, Belle and Sean are getting married. Convinced it would be a mistake Anna heads to Belle's Seattle home to talk her out of marrying him and in doing so meets Sean's son, Dr. Clay Castleberry (Niall Matter - Honor Student) who is equally set against his father getting married again.

13 minutes in, just 13 minutes is all it took for "Stop the Wedding" to serve up everything you need to know. In those 13 minutes we have met the characters, the outgoing Sean, the career focussed Anna, her more easy going aunt and of course Sean's son who is just as career focussed and not in to romance as Anna. But on top of that we have some confusion as Clay initially thinks Anna is his father's next bride. Anyway at the 13 minute mark you can predict that for a while there will be some antagonism, then a softening before Clay and Anna fall in love.

Lini Evans and Alan Thicke in Stop the Wedding (2016)

Now of course "Stop the Wedding" is a movie shown on the Hallmark Channel and as such when Anna says the line "I've seen this a million times" it could be a summation of everyone's feelings as to how it will play out. But whilst incredibly predictable "Stop the Wedding" entertains because it delivers the Hallmark vibe with a pleasant cast, lots of humour and a brisk pace which means that even when the humour doesn't hide its predictable nature you are not far from the next scene and next splash of comedy and romance.

But what "Stop the Wedding" has and what actually makes it more watchable than you might imagine is the casting. On one level the combination of Rachel Boston and Niall Matter is typical Hallmark but both have this laid back way of playing their characters which makes them work well together whilst of course looking good together. But then you also have Lini Evans and Alan Thicke who bring plenty of humour to their roles, playing their characters on the edge of over the top which gives the movie comedic variation as does David Lewis who plays Sean's loyal assistant Jake.

What this all boils down to is that "Stop the Wedding" is a typical Hallmark movie but one which gets the vibe right with plenty of energy and humour. And what that means is that this is one of those Hallmark romantic comedies which is worth watching more than once.