Stonados (2013) Paul Johansson, Sebastian Spence, Miranda Frigon, Jessica McLeod, Dylan Schmid, William B. Davis Movie Review

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Miranda Frigon and Paul Johansson in Stonados (2013)

Getting Stoned

Former storm chaser turned science teacher, Joe Randall (Paul Johansson - Mind Games), suddenly gets a cal from his sister, Maddy (Miranda Frigon - Fatal Performance), a police officer, when what seems like a meteor smashes into a basketball court, except rather than being hot it is cold and made from local rock. As a series of strange rock flinging twisters start appearing and disappearing off of the coast of Boston Joe, Maddy and his former storm chasing buddy turned weather man, Lee (Sebastian Spence - Crash Site), find themselves in a race against time to try and find a way of controlling the weather before it destroys more than just Boston, especially as Joe's kids are pinned down in a stadium by one of these storms.

I wonder if when they come to look for actors to appear in one of these mad weather disaster movies they sell it to them as despite being bad it will be fun to make and easy money. Or maybe the pitch is more of a challenge to make the movie break the mould of being bad which is what mad weather disaster movies tend to be. I say this because I question why actors such as Paul Johansson, Miranda Frigon and Sebastian Spence would star in one of these movies, because they have appeared in decent movies which trust me "Stonados" is not.

Paul Johansson and Sebastian Spence in Stonados (2013)

The thing is that I've watched enough movies that even before sitting down to watch "Stonados" I was expecting the worst. And to be honest it lived down to my expectations with a ridiculous storyline, comical moments of terror and not the most convincing CGI work. I guess I am saying that "Stonados" actually delivers what you expect and maybe that is the whole point, this was never made to be great but to be enjoyed for all those typically bad and stupid things, such as someone suddenly getting smashed into a wall by a giant rock flying through the air.

It is because of that sense "Stonados" was made intentionally to be typical of this genre of movie that Paul Johansson, Sebastian Spence, Miranda Frigon as well as William B. Davis all play their parts with respect but also with that look on their face which says "we're not taking this seriously". It works in the movie's favour as whilst not making this the full spoof of say "Sharknado" it does add to its almost light hearted nature.

What this all boils down to is that "Stonados" is what it is, which is just another one of those mad weather disaster movies which you know is going to be bad even before you start to watch. But the more I watch this type of movie the more I am convinced that is the point, "Stonados", like others, was not made to be great but made to be enjoyably tacky which if that is the case you would have to say it works.