Stalking Elizabeth (2014) (aka: The Mentor) Jes Macallan, Aaron Douglas, Nic Bishop, Abigail Scott, Maggie Scott, Gerry Garcia, K. Danor Gerald, Renny Grames, Yolanda Wood Movie Review

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Jes Macallan in Stalking Elizabeth (2014) (aka: The Mentor)

Object of his Obsession

It had been a wonderful snowy vacation for Elizabeth (Jes Macallan - An Uncommon Grace) and Brian (Nic Bishop), along with their two children, that is until the accident on the way home which resulted in one of their daughters dying. With Brian unable to cope with the loss, seeking solace in the bottle and moving out to get away from the memories, Elizabeth decides to return to work as a teacher, which is what she had done before having given up work to be a full time mum. As it has been seven years since she was in the classroom Elizabeth is assigned a mentor in the form of Paul (Aaron Douglas - Killer Mountain). The thing is that whilst Paul is as nice as pie when at school he has a dark, uncontrollable obsessive side with Elizabeth ending up being the object of his obsession.

There are times when I sit down to review a movie and find myself struggling for a way to start, most times when this happens it is down to having watched a movie which is similar to hundreds of others. It is the issue I found myself with as I looked for a way to start this review of "Stalking Elizabeth" a made for TV thriller which was shown on the Lifetime channel and also goes by the name of "The Mentor". Here we have another one of those movies where we have a seemingly amiable guy who ends up having a seriously dark side and sets about not only stalking a woman, in this case Elizabeth, but tormenting her family. This made for TV Movie is so typical that having told you the basics I could finish this review here as I am sure you will be able to work out how "Stalking Elizabeth" plays out.

Aaron Douglas in Stalking Elizabeth (2014) (aka: The Mentor)

Now in fairness watching Paul set about stalking Elizabeth, snooping through her bins, researching the accident on the internet and so on is well thought out with his darker side when it comes to trying to eliminate Brian being a tad unsettling. And Aaron Douglas plays the part of Paul well as he gives the character a solid dark side so that when people frustrate him you half expect him to be boiling up inside as if he was the Hulk. The thing is that whilst the rest of the cast play their parts well the characters themselves are generic and as such they contribute to "Stalking Elizabeth" being forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that for those who are likely to watch "Stalking Elizabeth" are just as likely to find it a familiar experience as it works through the whole obsessed stalker storyline. It isn't that "Stalking Elizabeth" is necessarily a bad movie but it is certainly a routine one with little which will come as a surprise.