Stalker (2010) starring Jane March, Anna Brecon, Jennifer Matter, Danny Young, Billy Murray directed by Martin Kemp Movie Review

Stalker (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Anna Brecon in Stalker (2010)

Taking Yourself in Hand

Following the success of her first book Paula (Anna Brecon) suffered a breakdown and ended up in a hospital. Now with a deadline looming on her follow up novel Paula on the advice of her agent Sara (Jennifer Matter) heads to the country and her Uncle's old house to focus on the writing and to help her even more Linda (Jane March) arrives to assist her. But Paula feels that the house is haunted and maybe trying to prevent her from writing her novel or is it someone else.

I reckon I have watched too many made for TV American thrillers because quite quickly I came to a conclusion as to what was happening in "Stalker". In fact whilst "Stalker" is both a British movie with many recognizable British actors and features some surprisingly graphic scenes it reminded me a heck of a lot of those made for TV thrillers where a woman in a fragile state goes to an isolated location which to me sounds a crazy thing to do in the first place. I am not being sexist but the character of Paula is obviously an unsettled woman and so going to an empty, large house even if it is the property of a relative is unbelievable especially when it comes to things we learn later on in the movie.

Jane March in Stalker (2010)

Anyway "Stalker" is a movie which you can't go in to too much detail when reviewing as you don't want to give too much a way but what we quickly discover is that Linda is quite a controlling person with a dark side with one of the movies few graphic scenes featuring a cat feeling her wrath. But as I said it is actually pretty easy to predict how this will play out even down to which characters may end up coming a cropper, yes people die and bodies mount up in this movie.

In truth I want to like "Stalker" mainly because of the cast but also because Martin Kemp; yes the singer turned actor is behind the camera for this as director. But I suppose because I watch so many movies the surprises in this are far too easy to predict and maybe for just casual movie fans it is more mysterious and effective. It is the same when it comes to the acting and styling as there is little in "Stalker" which has me going wild but none of it is bad.

What this all boils down to is that "Stalker" is solid, an effective work through of a familiar storyline which is going to be most effective for those who don't watch a lot of movies.