Stalked by My Neighbor (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kelcie Stranahan in Stalked by My Neighbor (2015)

Invasion of Privacy

Having called up on video chat, Andrea Allen (Amy Pietz) tells her daughter Jodi (Kelcie Stranahan) that she has to work late but the new lens for her camera which she ordered has probably shown up. Whilst her mum is still on the other end of the video chat Jodi goes to see only to end up attacked and raped by a man lurking in the shadows. It leads to Andrea and Jodi moving to a new neighbourhood where the paranoid Jodi has a penchant for photographing her neighbours, a curious bunch including Nick (Grant Harvey) who runs a car repair business from his garage and who his neighbour Lisa (Kelly Packard) has issues with. When Jodi is spying on her neighbours through her camera once again she spots a shadowy figure in Lisa's home and whilst she tries to warn her it has no effect as she still ends up dead. Convinced Nick is behind it as Lisa got his business shut down Jodi takes it upon herself to investigate and prove he is guilty except she also begins to suspect Lisa's niece Kristen (Katrina Norman).

I am trying to fathom out the choice of title for "Stalked by My Neighbor" because I don't know whether it is really poor or so clever that its reference may pass people by. I say that because with the set up of Jodi having already been a victim of an attack it makes you think that this young woman is going to be unlucky to end up a victim a second time in a new home. But then as we soon learn after the set up it isn't Jodi who ends up being stalked but in many ways her paranoia brought on from the initial attack has made her the stalker as she takes to snooping on her neighbours through the lens of her camera. I am leaning towards the intelligence of the latter which makes "Stalked by My Neighbor" probably sounds quite good.

Ah but sadly "Stalked by My Neighbor" isn't that intelligent and sadly whilst watching Jodi snoop on her neighbours is reminiscent of "Rear Window" we don't really have much explanation. What I mean is that whilst Jodi snoops on her neighbours from her bedroom window she doesn't seem to be stuck in her home as she is more than confident to leave the home on her own. And that brings me to what "Stalked by My Neighbor" really is as it is a teen playing Nancy Drew to solve a crime. And that crime, the murder of Lisa and what is really going on is revealed to us by the half way mark and this then delivers the typical aspect of Jodi ending up in danger because of her investigating.

Basically "Stalked by My Neighbor" is pretty stereotypical of the made for TV genre and to highlight this one minute we have Jodi suspecting her neighbour Nick of being a bad guy and then the next they are becoming romantically involved. So yes we have big plot holes a plenty in "Stalked by My Neighbor" as well as a storyline which seems on first glance different to what the name suggests but in a typical TV movie sort of way it is okay. So by okay I mean far fetched and the sort of movie which if you don't enjoy the easy nature of TV movies will be a bit too corny.

What this all boils down to is that "Stalked by My Neighbor" is for the most a stereotypical made for TV thriller with the sort of acting, camera work and plot holes which many of these movies feature. For some it will be painfully bad whilst for others enjoyably easy to watch, but which ever it is it doesn't have anything which is memorable about it.