Stalked by My Doctor (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Eric Roberts in Stalked by My Doctor (2015)

The Doc Needs Treatment

It should have been a great day for Sophie (Brianna Joy Chomer) and her boyfriend Ryan (Carson Boatman) as they have both been accepted to the college they wanted, but a car accident as Ryan texts at the wheel leads to an accident and the hospital. Whilst Ryan suffers a broken leg which ends his dream of a soccer career Sophie is in a more serious way and it is only thanks to renowned cardiologist Dr. Albert Beck (Eric Roberts) that she survives. But Beck has a dark side where he not only has a tendency of proposing to women he has only just met and then snapping in a volatile manner but he also becomes obsessed with Sophie, seriously obsessed as he becomes increasingly delusional when it comes to his feelings for her.

I am going to say spoiler alert as I can't resist going in to some detail when it comes to "Stalked by My Doctor" because it amused me so much for both the right and the wrong reasons. So here we have a story about a doctor who is great but also a sociopath and becomes obsessed with the young Sophie who ends up confiding in this trusted professional when her boyfriend, Ryan, dumps her because he falls into depression. Okayish up to now but then we have the psycho doc kidnapping Sophie, making it appear that she died so that he can keep her all to himself. But wait, then when he realises that she will never love him so he sets about making it impossible for her to leave him with a small operation to cripple her. Oh yes this doc is one twisted medical professional. And yes this story is that hilariously twisted it becomes entertaining often in a bad way.

Now "Stalked by My Doctor" is full of the issues I and many expect from a Lifetime movie. The dialogue often never rings true, the camera work is often rushed and the majority of the characters could have been lifted out of a previous Lifetime movie as they have that generic feel. But what it also has is Eric Roberts who quite simply makes this movie with such an entertaining and over the top performance he makes it a lot more entertaining than it should be. In the scenes when Dr. Beck flips out be it making a scene in a restaurant after proposing to a woman he's just met to when he loses it when Sophie spurns his advances it is captivating and simply entertaining. But Roberts also makes Dr. Beck creepy as hell as well and that makes you all the more fascinated by him.

What this all boils down to is that "Stalked by My Doctor" is for the most quite a typical Lifetime movie with a story about an obsessed sociopath. But this also has a knock out performance from Eric Roberts who takes things to extremes when it comes to making his character an obsessed sociopath and that makes his entertaining and fascinating.