Spiders 3D (2013) Patrick Muldoon, Sydney Sweeney, Christa Campbell, Jon Mack, William Hope, Christian Contreras, Atanas Srebrev, Radoslav Parvanov Movie Review

Spiders 3D (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Patrick Muldoon in Spiders 3D (2013)


When part of an old Soviet space station comes crashing down to Earth and smashes in to the New York subway, Jason (Patrick Muldoon - Deadly Revenge), a traffic controller, sends his friend, Jimmy (Atanas Srebrev), to inspect the damage. But when Jimmy dies, having uncharacteristically trodden on the third rail, Jason can't believe it and heads to the morgue to see for himself. It is whilst there that the doctor not only discovers a spider bite on Jimmy's leg but that there were insect eggs in his gut. Taking the eggs to his estranged wife, Rachel (Christa Campbell - The Black Hole), to examine in her laboratory, Jason finds himself dealing with an infestation of these spiders in the subway. But it turns out these are not your every day arachnid but a mutant variety bred in space and designed for military purposes. And it seems that the eggs, which Jason handed to his wife, are the ones which the military want and have put the area on lockdown with a lie about a virus.

"Spiders 3D" starts off on quite a routine path with this issue of a mutant spider infection caused by some thing crashing down to Earth, in fact the opening scene which takes us up to the Soviet space station has this almost creepy alien spider feel as we see they have taken over the inside of it. But "Spiders 3D" quickly evolves in to something different as we discover these space grown, genetically modified spiders are in fact a military weapon and they need to get the Queen eggs which are what Jason gave to his estranged wife Rachel to examine. As such we have the military hunting Jason and Rachel down with them having to go fugitive whilst dealing with these mutant spiders, guess its a bad day to take the subway.

Now if that sounds like a bad monster movie you are right because "Spiders 3D" is a bad monster movie. I wish I could tell you that in the midst of this monster movie nonsense there was some thing good but I can't because unfortunately "Spiders 3D" takes it self far too seriously to become enjoyably bad.

What this all boils down to is that "Spiders 3D" ends up just another weak monster movie, recycling old ideas and effects you will come across in dozens of other similar movies with the only thing close to being memorable being the camera work which has its moments.