Sox (2013) starring David DeLuise, Kerry Lynne Feirman, Jamison Haase, Ace Hunter directed by J. Horton Movie Review

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Sox (2013)

A Bit of a Dog's Dinner

The Levy family have just moved in to a new town but are struggling as step-brothers Jesse (Anton Starkman) and Liam (Aidan Potter) don't get on and with dad (Jamison Haase) having to go away on business Mom (Ashley Noel) has to deal with things. Fortunately Uncle Nick (David DeLuise) arrives with a surprise house warming gift, a cute dog called Sox. The trouble is that Sox has a very special power, he can talk and the FBDI (Federal Bureau of Dog Investigation) is determined to track Sox down and take him in.

For a while I never reviewed new children's movies for the simple reason it has been a long time since I was close to the intended age of these movies and so felt I couldn't judge them fairly. But then I read some condemning reviews of children's movies from critics who seem to have forgotten the movie they are watching is intended for young eyes and so to try and equal the balance decided to start reviewing these movies I had avoided. Why have I mentioned this? Because whilst I try to be fair to these movies and be balanced sometimes it is impossible and sadly in the case of "Sox" it is impossible.

Now the biggest problem is that "Sox" is clearly a movie aimed at young children with this adorable dog who has the ability to talk yet 20 minutes in to the movie and there had been nothing except one weak joke about the dog urinating on a shoe to make children laugh. And sadly the distinct lack of jokes which work at a child's level continues through out. It isn't that it isn't trying because in typical fashion we have classic elements such as the inept FBDI agent but the comedy just fails to materialize. Unfortunately whilst there is little for children there is even less for grown ups other than some familiar stereotypes and those weak gags.

It is not just the lack of laughs which lets "Sox" down and this has a distinct look of a movie made on limited funds with some scenes almost feeling like they were home made with the camera jerking in and out. I wish I could find something to praise "Sox" for and sadly everything about it including the acting is mediocre at best.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Sox" is not so terrible that it is offensive it does come up incredibly short in every department be it humour or story. In truth the only thing it has going for it is a cute looking dog.

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