Sound of Christmas (2016) Lindy Booth, Robin Dunne, Jennifer Gibson, Damon Runyan Movie Review

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Lindy Booth and Robin Dunne in Sound of Christmas (2016)

Making Sweet Music

Lizzie (Lindy Booth - Twelve Trees of Christmas), a gifted musician who doesn't like to perform ever since she froze during her debut concert, is now happy teaching music to anyone who wants to learn. It is how she comes to meet workaholic Brad Evans (Robin Dunne - On the Twelfth Day of Christmas), a widower with a teen daughter who he ends up hiring Lizzie to teach her how to play piano. But as romantic sparks fly between Lizzie and Brad there is trouble looming on the horizon as the company Brad works for plans to buy the building where Lizzie teaches music with a plan to turn in into pricey offices and unless they can find some way to raise funds to buy the building the music school will be closed down.

The thing about Hallmark Christmas movies is that they often feel like the writer has stood in front of a big pick n mix display of story ideas and then slotted what they picked together. It means that some times one Hallmark movie can feel like another be it a Christmas movie or not and that is the case when it comes to "Sound of Christmas". We have a romance between two people who end up on opposite sides of a business issue with a music school in danger of being forced to close thanks to a developer. On top of that we have the character flaws from a music teacher who won't perform for an audience to a widower with his teen daughter who works a little too much. And just for good measure there is the business colleague who has a thing for the widower just to add another familiar layer to the story.

The thing is that whilst "Sound of Christmas" is a movie with little in the way of surprises it certainly delivers on the likeable aspect which you get from Hallmark movies especially those which are Christmas movies. That comes from the combination of Lindy Booth and Robin Dunne two actors who I doubt could ever play convincing bad guys as they just deliver such likeable personas especially here as Lizzie and Brad. They are of course not the only actors in the movie with Micah Kalisch bringing a touch of the Bailee Madison to the role of Brad's daughter.

What this all boils down to is that "Sound of Christmas" is simply your run of the mill Hallmark Christmas movie which is plenty entertaining and plenty sweet. But whilst cute with a pleasant cast playing a big part in making it such it doesn't manage to stand out from the crowd.

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