Song of the Sea (2014) David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson, Lisa Hannigan, Fionnula Flanagan Movie Review

Song of the Sea (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Song of the Sea (2014)

Taking Selkies

A lighthouse keeper is struggling to raise his children, Ben and Saoirse, on his own whilst mourning the loss of his wife. It is why he reluctantly allows the children's grandmother to take them to live with her away from the dangers of the sea. But it appears that Saoirse is special as she happens to be the last Selkie who has the ability to save all the fairies trapped in the modern world.

First things first and I found "Song of the Sea" whilst delightfully animated an incredibly boring movie. But before your blood boils over let me explain; firstly I am not a child who I am sure will find this animation entertaining and secondly I have no idea about Selkies and the whole mythology which goes with them. And that is very important because if I was a young child this movie will entertain with its magical adventure story but as a grown up that doesn't capture you and that is when knowledge of Selkies is crucial to being entertained by "Song of the Sea".

But as I said, "Song of the Sea" is beautifully animated and it kind of reminded me of Studio Ghibli but a little less refined and mixed with the sort of animation I remember from children's TV shows from my childhood. In fact the character of Ben kind of reminded me of Jamie and the Magic Torch. But as a grown up even the charm of the animation, and it is certainly detailed in places, ended up fading off and at that point the story just didn't grab me, neither did the characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Song of the Sea" might entertain those who know about Selkies and might entertain young children with its tale of adventure. But anyone who doesn't fit in to one of those categories this animation might just end up boring which it sadly did for me.