Sometimes the Good Kill (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Susie Abromeit in Sometimes the Good Kill (2017)

Sister Fight

After the mysterious death of Mother Superior a new Mother is chosen but trainee nun, Sister Talia (Susie Abromeit) finds herself being handed a gun for her own protection and being asked to start investigating what happened. It forces Talia to confront her past as unlike the others in the Abbey Talia has not led a sheltered life and has experience of the real world. But in investigating Talia learns some surprising secrets about the women who are now her friends and how despite being women of God it does not make them incapable of murder.

Sister Agatha on the rooftop with a lectern, yes welcome to the Nun version of Cluedo or at least that is how "Sometimes the Good Kill" comes across. But sadly with you only ever feeling like an observer it doesn't grip you in a way you would want a murder mystery to do. As such we have a murder in an Abbey and we have Talia whose semi-mysterious past makes her the perfect candidate to investigate, we don't get told straight away but learn she has killed whilst dealt with the homeless and prostitutes which make you believe she might have been a cop who turned her back on her former way of life. But the whole thing feels laborious and of course with it being in an Abbey there is a silence to many of the scenes which ends up part of the reason why it struggles to be a gripping murder mystery.

Another reason why "Sometimes the Good Kill" struggles is that we never get to really know the characters with much of the movie focusing on the pleasant Susie Abromeit as she snoops around, asks questions and discover plenty of back stabbing by the Sisters. But again the character is weak and like the rest of them forgettable. In truth the most memorable that "Sometimes the Good Kill" gets is the building used as the Abbey throws some wonderful light through its tall windows and it gives this a visual look much better than you find in other Lifetime movies.

What this all boils down to is that despite the unusual set up of a murder at a convent "Sometimes the Good Kill" ends up a slow and pretty dull made for TV murder mystery movie. In truth the best thing about the movie is that who ever chose the location for the shoot did a brilliant job.