Someone She Knows (1994)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Markie Post in Someone She Knows (1994)

Too Close to Home

With her husband Greg (Jeffrey Nordling) away on a long haul delivery Laurie Philips (Markie Post) keeps everything going including looking after their daughter Marilee (Sarah Freeman). But when marilee doesn't return home after having gone out to play on her bike Laurie starts to panic and after searching everywhere with the help of her sister Sharon (Sharon Lawrence) her neighbour, state trooper Frank Mayfield (GGerald McRaney), calls the sheriff. After Marilee is found murdered, Laurie takes it upon herself to turn detective to try and find out who killed her especially as authorities believe it must have been someone she knew and trusted.

Let me first say that "Someone She Knows" is inspired by a true story which of course whilst it tells the gist of the true story you have to take in to account that facts and events have been changed, as well as names for both dramatic and legal reasons. As such I am sure that those who were sadly involved in this horror or know the true story may be frustrated by these alterations it does make this a drama which will work not only for the masses but also as a warning shot that you may think you know someone but can you trust them.

But the thing about "Someone She Knows" is sadly it is a story which in one form or another has been told as a movie many a time, and I don't mean just small screen as there have been some big screen movies about missing/murdered children. As such I have to say that whilst "Someone She Knows" is based on a true story at times it feels like it is going through the playbook such as when a detective suspects Greg to be guilty as his story doesn't quite ring true and has some secrets. We also see how the loss of Marilee ends up affecting her relationship to Greg who wants her to move on rather than dwell on trying to solve the case. It isn't that "Someone She Knows" does a bad job of working through the storyline it is that it is done a typical TV movie sort of way.

What this all boils down to is that "Someone She Knows" is the equal of many other true story movies which deal with a missing/ murdered child. What that does mean is that for those who are familiar with this type of true story movie will find this ultimately familiar as it has scenes similar to those in other movies. What I will say is that whilst familiar it does do a nice job of creating mystery as to who the killer is.