Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004) starring Nick Moran, Jake Thomas, Lori Heuring, Scott Cleverdon, Orson Bean, Darren Keefe, Frank Simons, Jack McGee directed by Sandy Tung Movie Review

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Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004)

This Soccer Sucks

In a research facility way up in Scotland lives Kimble, a genetically enhanced pooch with the most amazing ability with a football. But with a scientist having evil plans Kimble escapes and lands up in Portersburgh where Bryan MacGregor (Nick Moran) captains the local team who haven't won in years. But things start to change when Bryan's estranged American son Zach (Jake Thomas) shows up and takes Kimble in.

What "Soccer Dog: European Cup" is suppose to be is a children's movie which will entertain children with some daft characters and a dog with amazing ball control. And perhaps if the children in question are under five and American it might entertain, well maybe, well probably not as "Soccer Dog: European Cup" is one of the most unintentionally offensive movies on the planet of the earth.

Okay so I am British and hate when football is referred to soccer, most of the world call it football so why do Americans have to be different. But that is not just the only Americanism which appears in "Soccer Dog: European Cup", we call them football teams not squads and Scottish men are not all yellow teethed, long haired, kilt wearing cavemen who speak with the most inconsistent accents going. Also not every car in Scotland has foreign plates on it.

I could go on because "Soccer Dog: European Cup" is full of these in fairness unintentional but offensive mistakes especially the stereotyping of Scotsmen. But then you have what is meant to be the movies attraction the dog with ball control except other than rolling a ball with his nose everything else is CGI and extremely obvious. Any chance of being amusing and cute is completely lost because of its obviousness.

What this all boils down to is that "Soccer Dog: European Cup" is bad, in fact it is terrible and even when you take in to account it is a children's movie it is still offensive.

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