So You Said Yes (2015) Kellie Martin, Chad Willett, Jennifer Dale, Ashley Alexander, Danyella Angel, Bruce Boxleitner, Rhonda Dent, Matty Finochio Movie Review

So You Said Yes (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kellie Martin in So You Said Yes (2015)

Another Hallmark Wedding

New wedding shop owner Annabelle Blanche (Kellie Martin - The Christmas Ornament) believes when it comes to weddings the bride should have what ever she wants and not be forced to follow what tradition dictates. It brings her into competition with Claire Taylor (Jennifer Dale - Guilty Hearts), the owner of an established and very traditional bridal shop, who disagrees with Annabelle's ideas about weddings. To make matters worse Annabelle has fallen for Sam (Chad Willett - Blind Trust) a handsome businessman who enjoys playing golf and just happens to be Claire's son and she will do anything to sabotage Annabelle and Sam's relationship.

Did I just hear someone say "Monster-in-Law" or was that the movie buff voice in my head which seems to pluck out what movies what ever I am watching reminds me of. Now of course with "So You Said Yes" being a Hallmark Channel movie it isn't really a surprise that it seems familiar but sadly the premise was weak when it was done originally and with it being watered down into this movie it ends up even more slim line. Of course it tries to distract us with a slow build up to Claire discovering about her son and her rival being an item but you know what is coming right from the meet cute, which makes it feel a little drawn out.

But like with many a Hallmark romantic comedy "So You Said Yes" is less about what happens and more about how easy it is to watch and unless you have high expectations it is certainly easy to watch. That ease really comes down to Kellie Martin who does slightly quirky in a grown up way better than anyone which makes her character, Annabelle, amusing but likeable. But that isn't taking anything away from Chad Willett who is handsome and wears a suit well as Sam whilst Jennifer Dale turns the dial up to 11 when it comes to making Claire snooty.

What this all boils down to is that "So You Said Yes" is another no brainer Hallmark romantic comedy with clear influences from other movies. That means it is on par with many a Hallmark romantic comedy with its easy going styling and obvious comedy.