Snowmen (2010) Movie Review

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Snowmen (2010)

Snow Buddies

Billy Kirkfield (Bobby Coleman - The Last Song) is only 10 but he doesn't get to go to school much, not since he was diagnosed as having cancer and he finds himself spending more and more time at home. Fortunately Billy has a couple of good friends in Lucas (Christian Martyn - Home Alone: The Holiday Heist) and Jason (Bobb'e J. Thompson - Snow) who together end up having lots of adventures. When they find themselves with a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records Billy wants to do something that everyone will remember him for when he is gone. It is how they come up with trying to build as many snowmen in a single day. But to do so they will not only need the help of the entire community but Billy will have to deal with Jason (Josh Flitter), the school bully.

Before "Snowmen" even gets going we are informed by Billy that he died when he was 10, it is worth knowing this if you plan on letting young children watch this as you might have questions about cancer and dying as a child to answer. But please don't let that put you off as "Snowmen" is a sweet movie about a child who thanks to his illness wants to enjoy every experience which comes his way, be it crawling through ice tunnels or going ice skating with the pretty girl from school. But we also see how he wants to leave his mark on the world and that brings the community together and so on. By no means is "Snowmen" a complex movie or to be honest a profound one, if you watch you will get that, but it is a touching story about friendships, memories, realising what is important and not wasting opportunities as well as growing up.

Much of what makes "Snowmen" work is the lead trio of Bobby Coleman, Bobb'e J. Thompson, and Christian Martyn as their characters are different but together complete each other. As such you have Bobby Coleman giving us plenty of touching scenes whilst Bobb'e J. Thompson gives us plenty of comedy which works well with Christian Martyn style of comedy. It is a really nice mix whilst you also have the likes of Ray Liotta, Doug E. Doug and Christopher Lloyd in supporting roles.

What this all boils down to is that "Snowmen" ends up both fun and touching and definitely a movie for children as well as adults. Although there are parts of it which may leave some children with some questions to answer when it comes to death..... or maybe not!

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