Snowmance (2017) Movie Review

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Adam Hurtig and Ashley Newbrough in Snowmance (2017)

Sarah Gets Cole in her Stocking

Ever since they were children Sarah (Ashley Newbrough) and Nick (Adam Hurtig - The Christmas Heart) have been best friends. And every Christmas Nick helps Sarah in her tradition of building her "Snow Beau" snowman as Sarah is a true romantic who believes there is a true love for her out there somewhere. After breaking up from her latest boyfriend just a couple of weeks before Christmas Sarah and Nick set about building this year's "Snow Beau" who they name Cole. The next morning the snowman has gone but when Sarah answers a knock at the door her perfect guy called Cole (Jesse Hutch - Let It Snow) is there, so perfect that after asking her to lunch he shows up outside her office in a horse drawn carriage. But as Sarah and Nick collaborate on a project for work she begins to question as to not only whether Cole is really what she wants and whether her perfect guy has really been in front of her all along.

In truth that synopsis for "Snowmance" probably gives a little too much away but within the first few minutes we get a montage of Nick and Sarah building "Snow Beau" snowmen every year and know that Nick has always loved her and as such not only gets jealous of Sarah's boyfriends but of course is always supportive. That though proves to be an issue for "Snowmance" as it is so obvious that Sarah and Nick should be together that what goes on in between with Sarah being swept of her feet by Cole just doesn't grab you. Even the toying with the audience as to whether Cole is a real person or the snowman magically brought to life just doesn't entertain like it should and ends up a bit too daft.

But whilst the combination of obvious and daft drags this down to only being an entertaining time filler what "Snowmance" has is a good cast. On one hand you have Jesse Hutch playing Cole like a naive but excited puppy, eager to impress, and then you have Adam Hurtig playing that typical best friend with a crush perfectly. These two work perfectly around Ashley Newbrough who brings out that naivety of a woman who is a true romantic yet knows in truth it is a fantasy.

What this all boils down to is that "Snowmance" is not a great Christmas movie, not by a long shot. But it is a fun time filler with plenty of obvious daftness which is kind of entertaining.

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