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Bethany Joy Lenz in Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017)

Another Flight Before Christmas

Jenna Hudson (Bethany Joy Lenz - The Christmas Secret) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew W. Walker - A Dream of Christmas) may work for the same online publication in NYC but they are very different with Jenna being highly organized whilst Kevin is laid back and unorganized. But with neither wanting to do Christmas they both find themselves picked to do an Aspen piece which means catching a flight to Colorado. Unfortunately bad weather causes the plane to land and the two of them find themselves in Santa Claus, Indiana where they really love to celebrate Christmas. They also find themselves in the historic town inn run by Carol (Belinda Montgomery) and Christopher Winters (John B. Lowe), which they learn is facing forced closure. It leads to Jenna and Kevin putting their differences aside to try and help save the inn whilst the Winters try to do a bit of matchmaking themselves.

As a self-confessed Christmas movie fan, especially made for TV Christmas movies, I have watched hundreds of them and as such I am use to seeing the same storylines doing the rounds. So when I read a synopsis for "Snowed-Inn Christmas" my mind flicked back to 2015 and the earlier Lifetime Christmas movie "The Flight Before Christmas" which saw two strangers stranded in a Christmas loving town when bad weather causes their flight to make an emergency stop. Now in fairness "Snowed-Inn Christmas" is not a remake and there are some differences but we are only talking cliches with those various differences being the usual, such as in this Jenna has recently broken up from her boyfriend whilst Kevin has some things in his past which have made him a Christmas humbug.

Andrew W. Walker in Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017)

As such what you get in "Snowed-Inn Christmas" is cute fun as we have the quaint town of Santa Claus which even has a legend surrounding it getting the name because Santa Claus made it his home. We also have the Christmas loving couple the Winters with Christopher not only acting as the town Santa but he also responds to letters which arrive at the post office in Santa Claus addressed to Santa. But of course we not only have the obvious element of Jenna and Kevin beginning to fall for each other but of course Jenna's ex crawls out of the woodwork. As I said "Snowed-Inn Christmas" has a certain cliche feel to it which isn't a bad thing but despite the appeal of Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew W. Walker along with some touching scenes it doesn't escape from just being another okay made for TV Christmas movie.

What this all boils down to is that if you like made for TV Christmas movies you should enjoy "Snowed-Inn Christmas" as it is simply some cute Christmas entertainment. But for all the cuteness, the decorations and appealing cast it can't escape from only being familiar.

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