Snow Bride (2013) starring Katrina Law, Jordan Belfi, Patricia Richardson, Susie Abromeit directed by Bert Kish Movie Review

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Katrina Law in Snow Bride (2013)

Lies and Love at Christmas Time

Greta Kaine (Katrina Law) is an ambitious gossip columnist for "Pulse!" magazine in L.A. where she finds herself up against Wes (Tom Lenk); an old school columnist who like Greta wants to be in charge of the new online gossip column. With news that the late Senator Tannehill's sons are heading up to the family retreat at Big Bear where there may be a proposal going down Greta is determined to beat Wes to the story. Except when Greta arrives totally unprepared she ends up getting mistaken for one of the guests of the family and not only learns that the Tannenhill family are more down to earth than she imagined but she also finds herself conflicted over what she is supposed to be doing when she meets Ben (Jordan Belfi).

I am going to explain a scene from "Snow Bride" for you and you can easily judge from that scene whether or not this movie is for you. Greta in shorts and a vest learns that Wes is already at the snowy Big Bear retreat so she jumps in her car without getting changed or packing anything and starts driving. Of course she ends up having car trouble on a snow covered road, she also runs out of petrol, the battery goes dead, there is no phone reception and of course she has the wrong clothes for snowy weather. But wait her friend's wedding dress is in the trunk of the car so puts it on, falls over, gets muddy and rolls down a snowy slope which creates a meet cute when a handsome man who comes to her rescue.

Unfortunately that scene was so corny that it did nothing for me and as that comes within the first 10 minutes it made me less that hopeful for the rest of the movie. The thing is that "Snow Bride" is a Hallmark Christmas movie and you don't watch one of these movies expecting greatness or originality but having watched many other Hallmark Christmas movies I expected more. So yes I had better say that following the meet cute the set up is pretty obvious as Greta doesn't tell the handsome hero who she is they fall for each other, things get complicated and yada yada yada, you know how it goes as tradition is most certainly not broken with here.

The trouble is for me is whilst I accept corny at Christmas I do like some Christmas charm and magic and for me that is what is lacking from "Snow Bride". Cute actors, snow and Christmas decorations all add something but it is not enough and that is all you seem to get in "Snow Bride".

What this all boils down to is that "Now Bride" has the look and also has a familiar romantic comedy/ Christmas story but that is all and unfortunately it just ends up too corny and familiar to be anything more than average.

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