Skinwalkers (2006) starring Jason Behr, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Natassia Malthe, Kim Coates directed by James Isaac Movie Review

Skinwalkers (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jason Behr in Skinwalkers (2006)

Teen Wolf Prophecy

12 year old Timothy (Matthew Knight) is a special boy who whilst raised by his human mother is unaware that his father is a werewolf and it is his people known as the Skinwalkers who have spent the last 12 years secretly protecting him. His safety is important as according to the prophecy he is the chosen one, the one who will free those who suffer the werewolf curse but who wish they didn't. Except there are also those who love being werewolves and their desire for blood who want the boy dead before the prophecy can be fulfilled.

Take a minute and have a look at the artwork for "Skinwalkers" it is simple, suggesting of horror but also having a slight sexy look going on. The artwork is actually a perfect representation of the movie starting with the fact it is simple. Little kid is the chosen one, some people or in this case werewolves trying to protect him whilst others try to kill him meaning lots of werewolf on werewolf action as well as a werewolf human sex scene. And whilst that means that "Skinwalkers" isn't exactly deep it does provide entertainment on a simple level for those who don't want to be mentally challenged by what they watch. And that basically leads into the horror stuff although in truth there is little in "Skinwalkers" which is that scary.

But then there is the sexy side of things and when something is this simple it has to have the right look and "Skinwalkers" does. From the motorbike gang look of the bad werewolves to the more down to earth look of the good werewolves with a mix of all American to mom and pop. There is also sexy and Natassia Malthe looks hot in her leather bra and jacket with her hair flying behind her. It does honestly feel that with the exception of a couple most of the cast have been picked because they pulled off the look rather than because they could bring depth to their characters which as I said isn't want this "Skinwalkers" is all about.

What this all boils down to is that "Skinwalkers" is simple entertainment for those who enjoy special effects and action, who enjoy the effects of people changing in to werewolves and doing battle. But it doesn't have any depth and so is simply surface level entertainment for those who don't wish to be mentally challenged by what they watch.