Skew (2011) starring Rob Scattergood, Amber Lewis, Richard Olak, Taneal Cutting, David MacAulay directed by Sevé Schelenz Movie Review

Skew (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Amber Lewis in Skew (2011)

No Ex-Skew-ses

With his father's Grand Cherokee; Richard Harrison (Richard Olak), girlfriend Eva (Amber Lewis) and best friend Simon (Rob Scattergood) with his video camera permanently on take to the road to explore the country like they had planned for a long time. But when their adventure takes a strange turn tension between them begins to rise as they start to turn on each other.

In the real world people do no go around with a video recorder strapped to their hand and in front of their face all the time. It is one of the problems which not only effects "Skew" but so many of these found footage/ POV movies as it automatically makes it fake. It also makes it mind numbingly tedious as we get the mundane elements of Simon videoing the inside of the Grand Cherokee and pointing out such riveting things as a CD player and gear stick. The mind numbing stuff sadly goes on for a while as they discuss relationships; argue when they hit something in the road and so on.

Of course something has to happen to make it more than just a tedious home movie and I will say that sadly what starts to happen as Simon records everything and has to double take what he sees is not very exciting. In fact the horror aspect of "Skew" is as tedious as the day to day stuff which gets shown. This is all meant to build up to an ending which makes you debate whether what we have is real or a figment of the imagination but it does little to make you care for any of this especially when it becomes inconsistent when some how we also get police CCTV footage mixed into it.

What this all boils down to is that "Skew" really didn't work and from being to tedious to being inconsistent it just doesn't work. Maybe those who did POV moves will be more impressed by it but I can't see how it could work for anyone else.