Six Gun Savior (2016) Eric Roberts, Matthew Ziff, Martin Kove, Luciana Carro, Tim Russ Movie Review

Six Gun Savior (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kaleo Griffith in Six Gun Savior (2016)

Spirit Rider

When his family is attacked and many murdered Lane McCrae (Kaleo Griffith) seeks revenge but in doing so ends up fatally wounded. That is when the Devil (Eric Roberts) shows up and offers Lane and his brother Cody's (Adam LeClair) the chance of his survival in return for their souls for eternity. Now Lane walks the earth as a bounty hunter for the Devil, hunting down men who are dead and who have returned to Earth to cause trouble. But when Zathera (Lorraine Ziff) arrives on Earth it is up to Lane and his friends to stop her before some others get to her first.

Okay first things first and 100 minutes is far too long for "Six Gun Savior" for the simple reason it doesn't have near enough story to fill those minutes and so end up feeling drawn out, filled with set pieces which go on longer than they needed. Now the storyline itself is simple as on one hand you have Lane who finds him one of the Devil's workers but in reality a good guy, killing the dead who have returned to Earth and he is not the only one as he ends up in a small band of fighters. And then we have Zathera, the embodiment of death who is being controlled by a one eyed outlaw by the name of Grant Dillion. And that is it which means there is more filler than story in "Six Gun Savior".

Eric Roberts in Six Gun Savior (2016)

Now being full of filler is not the only frustration I have with "Six Gun Savior" as this movie starts so well with a surprisingly entertaining scene which sees a fatally wounded Lane confronted by the Devil with Eric Roberts making the scene by giving the Devil a certain cockiness. Unfortunately after this the movie not only starts to drift thanks to all the filler but Eric Roberts is hardly in it, bringing life to it when ever he does show up. And so what we get is some sexy characters playing it heroic whilst we get some special effects laden action.

What this all boils down to is that "Six Gun Savior" could have been an entertaining movie but the end results ends up being drawn out and feeling full of filler. Despite this there are times when it gets it right just not enough of them to make this worth a second glance.