Shockwave (2006) (aka: A.I. Assault) starring Joe Lando, Lisa LoCicero, Josh Coxx, Blake Gibbons directed by Jim Wynorski Movie Review

Shockwave (2006)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Shockwave (2006) (aka: A.I. Assault)

Mega Robots

In their fight against terror the U.S. Government have developed two highly advanced robots, the ultimate killing machines. But during a flight something goes wrong causing the plane to crash on to a seemingly deserted Pacific island. With the capabilities of these robots too dangerous to risk falling in to the wrong hands a team of Navy Seals lead by Major Richard Tunney (Joe Lando) and robotics specialist Susan Foster (Lisa Lo Cicero) head to the island to shut the robots down and take them back before anyone else gets them.

Maybe they have already done it but if not I am waiting for the movie to arrive called "Mega Shark vs Mega Robot" as that is the sort of thing you would expect if you watch, or should that be endure, "Shockwave", which also goes by the name of "A.I. Assault". Here we have one of those mega creature features where a mutated animal is on the loose and some people; a military man, a doctor and usually someone else has to save the day by destroying it except here we have mega robots instead of mega animals. And yes that does mean that "Shockwave" is another one of those dumb movies you might find on some minor channel late at night.

As such "Shockwave" needs little explanation and basically consists of dumb dialogue which forewarns of what is to come, such as a passenger on a plane saying "it is very difficult to bring one of these down now", yes guess what. Then we have the dodgy special effects which range from an unconvincing plane flying through a storm to equally unconvincing mega robots. And then we have the familiar faces, those actors who have been around the block a few years and who regularly crop up in bit parts in lesser movies such as Alexandra Paul and George Takei.

The thing about "Shockwave" is that it is a bad movie but some bad movies can still be goon fun for basically being lame. Unfortunately this isn't one of them and ends up just a bore of bad acting, bad dialogue and bad special effects.

What this all boils down to is that "Shockwave" is a bad movie as you expect but unfortunately it isn't a bad movie which becomes entertaining for being bad.