Sherlock Holmes (2010) Ben Syder, Gareth David-Lloyd, Dominic Keating, William Huw, Elizabeth Arends, David Shackleton Movie Review

Sherlock Holmes (2010)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Gareth David-Lloyd and Ben Syder in Sherlock Holmes (2010)

Sherlock vs a Dinosaur

When a ship mysteriously goes down off of the coast Sherlock Holmes (Ben Snyder) insists that Dr. Watson (Gareth David-Lloyd) heads with him immediately to examine the area where one survivor washed up. It was a wasted trip but come the next morning they are confronted by headlines in the paper surrounding reports of a dinosaur in London which has killed. As they begin their search for said monster what they uncover is something much more shocking.

I can't bring myself to write any more than just those 3 lines when it comes to a synopsis for "Sherlock Holmes" because I hope the mention of a dinosaur loose in London with Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson on the case is enough to make you aware of what sort of movie this is. In truth many will have lowered expectations within seconds of watching "Sherlock Holmes" as it is a movie produced by "The Asylum" and is simply another one of their mockbusters.

Now when it comes to movies you could say I am a bit of an asylum seeker as usually I enjoy the nonsense which you find in one of their productions but "Sherlock Holmes" left me decidedly bored. The trouble arises from of course having actors trying to play very recognizable characters and whilst Gareth David-Lloyd almost cuts it as Dr. Watson Ben Syder as Sherlock Holmes is simply annoying. Syder simply can't bring the charisma of Holmes to life and without that this movie simply struggles. Of course this isn't a movie about how well Syder plays Holmes but more about the extreme ideas the writers come up with involving what appears to be a dinosaur in London but that doesn't even end up entertaining for being bad, simply because of Syder's Holmes being so annoying.

What this all boils down to is that "Sherlock Holmes" ends up one of those Asylum productions which lives down to the bad name their movies have gotten over the years. Sadly this one, despite a ridiculous idea which gets even more ridiculous the longer you watch, doesn't even end up entertaining for being bad.