Shark Lake (2015) Dolph Lundgren, Sara Malakul Lane, Lily Brooks O'Briant, Michael Aaron Milligan, Lance E. Nichols, Kay Galvin Movie Review

Shark Lake (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Shark Lake (2015)

Get Out of the Water

When Meredith Hernandez (Sara Malakul Lane - 100 Degrees Below Zero) put Clint Gray (Dolph Lundgren - Riot) inside for his black-market selling of exotic animals and endangered species she ended up taking in Clint's daughter rather than allowing her to end up in child services. So when after 5 years Clint is paroled Meredith has to deal with the fact he wants to see his daughter again. But it seems that Clint is the least of Meredith's problems and may in fact be able to help her as it appears there is something in Lake Tahoe and the locals have now become part of the food chain. With the help of Clint and her new man, Peter (Michael Aaron Milligan), a marine biologist, they set about protecting the locals even if no one wants to believe them that there is a real problem.

How do you take another one of those shark movies where a shark is terrorising a town where it shouldn't be and make it fresh. Well you don't do what they did with "Shark Lake" where are sheriff and an animal expert end up joining forces with a criminal to try and sort the mess out. It does absolutely nothing to make the familiar storyline fresh and at times it almost makes you wonder whether they made a shark movie and then added the other side later on. The end result is a movie which at times has a mixed tone with some typical cheesy shark movie stuff jarring with scenes of action and drama revolving around Clint and his dangerous contacts.

Whilst not utterly devoid of entertainment it is hard to find one real positive when it comes to "Shark Lake". The best I can do is to say the effects and the image quality is better than you get in most of these shark movies. But at the same time this resorts to the use of pretty actors and actresses, with many of them appearing in swim wear.

What this all boils down to is that "Shark Lake" is for the most just another shark terrorizing the town movie but one which tries to be clever with a dramatic subplot. Unfortunately the end result is a movie which never fully works and often ends up like two movies sandwiched together.