Shaolin Soccer (2001) starring Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao, Man Tat Ng, Yin Tse, Cecilia Cheung, Karen Mok, Vincent Kok directed by Stephen Chow Movie Review

Shaolin Soccer (2001)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Shaolin Soccer (2001) starring Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao, Man Tat Ng, Yin Tse

Sick Soccer Skills

Fung (Man Tat Ng) was once an arrogant football star who treated younger player Hung (Yin Tse) badly. But after a missed penalty he ends up beaten up by an angry mob, ending his career in the process. 20 years later and Fung now works for Hung who treats him like a lacky and won't give him his chance to coach like he had promised him. It is after leaving feeling dejected that Fung meets Lee Sing (Stephen Chow) an exponent of Shaolin King Fu and comes up with a plan to build a football team using his brothers trained in kung fu to take on Hung's Team Evil.

When I tell you that there isn't a lot you can write about "Shaolin Soccer" it is because not only is it a movie you can only appreciate through watching but once you've watched it you will want to tell others to watch it but likewise not want to tell them what happens in it.

So in trying to keep it as short as possible we have 3 things going on in "Shaolin Soccer" starting with the base layer which is the traditional underdog sports movie. But this is made all the more interesting by having football played with out of these world martial arts skills. That is fun in itself with lots of over the top ball skills.

But the journey to it is simply fun from fantastical martial arts scenes, out of this world cooking scenes, ridiculously hilarious street dance scenes and an even more ridiculously hilarious night club singing where "We Love Shaolin Soccer" is sung to the tune of "California Dreamin'". It sounds bonkers and in truth "Shaolin Soccer" is unbelievably bonkers but bonkers done so right that you will forget the subtitles and be hypnotised by all the comedy.

What this all boils down to is that if you have read this review and not yet watched "Shaolin Soccer" I urge you to get a copy now as it is simply brilliant. But the less you know about it the better it is as whilst every scene is full of comedy every single joke is so good it would be wrong to spoil it for you.