Setup (2011) starring 50 Cent, Ryan Phillippe, Bruce Willis, Rory Markham directed by Mike Gunther Movie Review

Setup (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

50 Cent in Setup (2011)

Same Old Setup

The plan was to pull off a diamond robbery and a trio of robbers do just that when they hold up a fancy car with a man handcuffed to a briefcase full of ice. But whilst the robbery goes to plan what happened next didn't for Sonny (50 Cent) as he is double crossed by Vincent (Ryan Phillippe) who kills the third robber and shoots Sonny, leaving him from dead. But Sonny didn't die and a week later is up and about and looking for revenge. It is a mission which sees him getting tied up with gangster Mr. Biggs (Bruce Willis) as well as the attractive Mia (Jenna Dewan Tatum).

You are skipping channels late at night looking for something to watch as you try to go to sleep and you stumble across a movie which features Bruce Willis. You think why not and you watch and keep on watching despite being remarkably bored by what is happening on screen. That is sadly the case of the "Setup" a movie which features Willis in I reckon what amounts to less than a 10 minute cameo and really stars 50 Cent. Nothing against 50 Cent but it is the name Bruce Willis and maybe at a push Ryan Phillippe which is the attraction here and so when they are not in the movie much it kind of disappoints.

The thing is that the "Setup" was never going to be great because it is unoriginal in so many ways. The storyline of Sonny being double crossed, left for dead and then after revenge is old and been used more times than I care to remember. The directing whilst solid feels like someone trying to do a bit of a Guy Ritchie and that means the action only manages to feel familiar as well. Basically you watch waiting for something interesting to happen and when the credits come you are still waiting.

Now there is the acting and 50 Cent is by no means a bad actor, there are a lot worse out there but his range is limited and so when it comes to Sonny he isn't the most fascinating of characters. And sadly whilst "Setup" features a variety of recognizable faces and names such as Phillippe, Willis, Dean Tatum and James Remar these actors all play second fiddle to 50 Cent.

What this all boils down to is that "Setup" is not great and really is a movie with little to offer other than when you are looking for something to watch when you can't sleep it might entertain or put you to sleep.