Seminole Uprising (1955) starring George Montgomery, Karin Booth, William Fawcett, Steven Ritch Movie Review

Seminole Uprising (1955)   2/52/52/52/52/5

George Montgomery in Seminole Uprising (1955)

Little in the Way of Uprising

Notorious Seminole Indian chief Black Cat (Steven Ritch) has ridden his tribe out of the Everglades and to Texas where he is terrorizing the locals. Lt. Cam Elliott (George Montgomery) having been raised with Black Cat as his half brother finds himself sent down to Texas to bring the Seminole chief in. But it leads Cam in to another conflict as he will be reporting to Colonel Hannah (Howard Wright) at Fort Clark whose daughter Susan (Karin Booth) was a former flame but couldn't deal with Cam being mixed blood. But when Black Cat kidnaps Susan to trade her for guns Cam heads off after the Seminole Chief and his tribe stopping at nothing to get her back.

When in the opening few scenes of a movie you hear Native Americans being referred to red devils you know exactly what sort of b-western you are about to watch, old style. And so that brings me to "Seminole Uprising" a movie which from start to finish is completely typical from Cam having to go after the Seminole's and someone who was once his friend to the conflict he feels because it brings him in to touch with the woman he once loved. From a storyline point of view "Seminole Uprising" has nothing which is noteworthy other than to say it paints the Seminole in an old fashioned way and dishes up a more than annoying narration.

Aside from that well George Montgomery is handsome; Karin Booth is attractive as is Jonni Paris who plays Malawa but the characters are as typical as everything else in the movie. But I will say that "Seminole Uprising" does benefit from the camera and film technology of the 50s and still has a look which is vibrant. In fact the look of "Seminole Uprising" is the best thing about it with some nice scenic shots even if some of them are stock footage.

What this all boils down to is that "Seminole Uprising" offers up nothing new for western fans and not a lot in the way of entertainment. As such it is now one of those westerns you watch to tick it off a list rather than to be entertained.