See Jane Date (2003) Charisma Carpenter, David Lipper, Joshua Malina, Evan Marriott Movie Review

See Jane Date (2003)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Charisma Carpenter in See Jane Date (2003)

Jane's Dates Are Not That Entertaining

Jane Grant (Charisma Carpenter) has a problem, whilst she is determined to have a good career she is of the age where everyone from family to friends are not only trying to set her up but judging her for not having settled down. So when she ends up assigned to help model Natasha Nutley (Holly Marie Combs), an old high school friend, write her tell all biography she says she is dating a rich doctor. Things become even more complicated when news of this boyfriend makes it home to her family and suddenly Jane finds this imaginary boyfriend being invited to her cousin's wedding. With just 3 weeks to sort this mess out Jane finds herself on a series of dates to try and find a boyfriend willing to go along with the masquerade.

Whilst I have used the term "Chick Flick" on occasion I don't really like it, but then once in a while you come across a movie which can only be described as a "chick flick" and after watching "See Jane Date" I have to say it is a chick flick and nothing else. What we get in "See Jane Date" is initially a familiar set up where we have a career focussed woman getting herself in stuck when she says she has a boyfriend but of course doesn't. It is that old fake fiancee style set up which has been used so many times that even back in 2003 the theme was tired. But then "See Jane Date" ends up doing something different which is watching Jane go on a series of poor dates with jerks and so rather than trying to keep up the lies this movie is dominated by these light dates.

Unfortunately "See Jane Date" is so light hearted and skips along at such a brisk pace it doesn't have time to be funny or romantic. Now for some watching a group of girl friends leading a free and active life won't be an issue, maybe those who enjoyed "Sex in the City" will find this fun. But for me it became increasingly annoying for being so light, bouncy and far too stereotypically "chick flick" like. Even the likeability of Charisma Carpenter is unable to save this and at times she seems to dumb down her usual pleasant performance which for me adds to the frustration.

What this all boils down to is that "See Jane Date" ended up not only not for me but a hard movie to sit through due to it being light but not exactly fun.