Secrets in the Walls (2010) Jeri Ryan, Kay Panabaker, Peyton List, Marianne Jean-Baptiste Movie Review

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Jeri Ryan in Secrets in the Walls (2010)

Different Walls, Same Secrets

After the first day at a new job single mum of two Rachel (Jeri Ryan) stumbles across a house for sale nearer to work and along with her daughters moves in, with a little help from her builder brother who is talked in to fixing the place up. But before long spooky things start going on with her youngest becoming aware of a ghostly figure before any of the others.

I could make this review really quick and say that "Secret in the Walls" is just another ghost movie where a home's new residents experience spooky goings on. But the difference with "Secret in the Walls" is that it is a made for TV movie and that means that whilst it still has many familiar story elements it also has that cleaner cut feel about it which makes it different to big screen ghost movies. Does that mean is "Secret in the Walls" better? In all honesty no but it does mean that for those who find some modern big screen horror movies too much, too creepy or in some cases too strange, the clean-ness of this will make it easier to watch.

Kay Panabaker in Secrets in the Walls (2010)

The thing about "Secret in the Walls" is that it does use what now feels like and over used idea of a family moving into a house and discovering it is in fact a haunted house. As such for those who have endured other haunted house movies it ends up overly familiar as we have scenes which include a ghostly appearance in a mirror, one of the daughters discovering an old photo in an old music box and the biggest cliche the knocking down the wall scene to reveal something, I won't tell you what in case you do watch it.

It's not just the story to "Secret in the Walls" as the characters as well end up little more than cliches from Rachel being an attractive mum of two daughters to her work colleague Belle having the ability to contact the other side. It means that every character ends up either obvious or familiar and no matter how good the acting it can't make up for this problem.

The thing is that "Secret in the Walls" as a whole is not actually that bad and for the crowd who don't bother going to the cinema anymore and enjoy the clean cut style of TV movies it probably works as it has all the elements reasonably well put together.

What this all boils down to is that "Secret in the Walls" is an extremely derivative ghost movie which for fans of big screen ghost movies will feel little more than cliche and lacking atmosphere through being very clean looking. But for those who enjoy the clear imagery of a TV movie and easier going style should find it entertaining.