Scorpio One (1998) Robert Carradine, Jeff Speakman, Robin Curtis, Steve Kanaly Movie Review

Scorpio One (1998)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jeff Speakman in Scorpio One (1998)

Lacks a Sting in its Tail

When a space station is internally sabotaged, apparently via a terrorist attack, there is an urgent matter for the men in suits to contend with as on board the space station is a floppy disc containing the formula for cold fusion. Jared Stone (Jeff Speakman) is selected by the CIA to lead a mission to the station, a choice which doesn't sit too comfortably with the shuttle's crew lead by Cmdr. Wilson (Steve Kanaly) until they discover that there is a saboteur amongst them and Stone is their only hope. Meanwhile back on Earth there is dodgy dealings and corruption going on involving a congressman and NASA which are connected to the disc containing the cold fusion formula.

So you're part of a team of shady government agent types, the sort who covertly wipe out threats, and you have your victim out numbered and pinned down in the middle of the woods, how do you kill him? A bullet to the head, a lethal injection or maybe a lethal blow? Nope you use a roll on deodorant containing a poison which within seconds of rolling on the victims arm causes them to die. Oh yes "Scorpion One" contains that scene and rather than being entertaining it is hilariously bad. The thing is that scene is in keeping with the rest of "Scorpion One", a rather dull movie despite a storyline which could have been exciting.

Steve Kanaly in Scorpio One (1998)

The trouble with "Scorpion One" is that it is one of those action b-movies which were made back in the 90s featuring some familiar names but no one with real star power whilst rehashing a mix of story elements you will have seen on the big screen with those already done in similar lower budget movies. It means it has that thrown together quality where not everything makes sense and at times seems far fetched but worst of all it is never really exciting enough to keep you gripped by the drama which is unfolding. Even when you discover the identity of the saboteur you don't care enough to feel like you want to concentrate on what is going on or predictably will happen.

In truth I can't really give you a reason to watch "Scorpion One" and it isn't even entertaining as a bad movie as it is more dull than enjoyably bad. I suppose it comes down to the actors and for me when I saw it starred Robert Carradine as well as Steve Kanaly it was enough to persuade me to watch although I am sure for others it will be Jeff Speakman who is the attraction.

What this all boils down to is that "Scorpion One" is one of a surprisingly large number of action b-movies which were made during the 90s, the sort which you would once stumble across in the video bargain bucket and buy mainly because it was cheap. Whilst it isn't completely terrible it doesn't have anything which makes it a movie which can be recommended, not even as an enjoyably bad movie.