Scary or Die (2012) starring Bill Oberst Jr., Hali Lula Hudson, Shawn-Caulin Young, Charles Rahi Chun directed by Bob Badway, Michael Emanuel, Igor Meglic Movie Review

Scary or Die (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Scary or Die (2012)

Scary is a Lie

"Scary or Die" is an anthology of horror stories not really connected and to be honest not very good with only the most die hard of horror fans probably finding something noteworthy from this collection. Seeing as I am not a die hard horror fan I found it hard work with only a couple of scenes really showing any skill with more often than not bad acting being the stand out feature.

The first movie in the anthology is "The Crossing" which tells of two rednecks who are kidnapping Mexicans and then taking them back over the borderline before killing them and burying them in a shallow grave. Except trouble happens when one of the rednecks girlfriend's is unhappy when she discovers what they are up to, causing one to drop his home made green moonshine which soaks in to the mud leading to the dead to rise. It may sound okay but trust me it isn't and is very low budget.

This opening mini movie is followed by four others which includes Teujung's Lament which is about a widow who eventually falls for a woman who just happens to be taken hostage. Out of these other stories the best of the bunch is called Clowned which features a flesh eating clown but even then it isn't a great mini movie. I suppose as these 5 movies are a diverse bunch you could say there is something for everyone but for me none of it was that impressive.

What this all boils down to is that maybe those who enjoy some horror variety will enjoy the mixed bag of short stories but for me it came up very short in both the entertainment and fright stakes.