Saved by the Light (1995) Eric Roberts, Don Harvey, Amber Elias, Suzanne Niedland Movie Review

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Eric Roberts in Saved by the Light (1995)

Premonition Phenomenon

Dannion Brinkley (Eric Roberts) works for his parents in their corner store whilst he is happily married to a wife who likes the fact that her husband is a real man who gives chase and confronts those who try to take advantage of his parent's kindness and generosity when it comes to business. But then one day whilst on the phone a bolt of lightning hits the telephone cable and travels down the line and in to Dannion knocking him out. Proclaimed dead at the hospital Dannion has a spiritual, out of body experience before coming back to life a very different person who knows he isn't how he once was. Whilst Dannion tries to make sense of who he now his and his ability to have visions his change from angry young man to a passive one has a knock on effect when it comes to his wife Casey (Lynette Walden) who can't deal with his change.

"Saved by the Light" starts in an entertaining fashion with Eric Roberts playing it as a bully, seeing him intimidate a charity worker who is taking advantage of his parent's goodwill and then giving chase to a shoplifter. It is right there in Roberts' comfort zone and he is right at home. In fact Roberts' is right at home through out the movie as he takes us on the journey in Dannion's life as following the accident he is not the same person, passive and a bit out there. And this is followed not only by Dannion trying to take advantage of his ability to see in to the future but also make sense of it when he sees disasters as well as what horse is going to win a race.

The trouble with "Saved by the Light" is that whilst it is adapted from Dannion Brinkley's novel and is basically the story of him dealing with his near death experience and ability to see in to the future it all seems kind of familiar. From Dannion coming to terms with the ability he now has to others thinking he is a bit of a freak show through to his relationship with his wife changing, it has all been done in other movies and often done better than this.

But here is the thing; I am sure there are two audiences who will love "Saved by the Light" starting with the audience who watch because they are fans of Eric Roberts. Roberts brings plenty of charm to the performance which makes him likeable. And then it should also appeal to those who are aware of Dannion Brinkley and believe what he has said in his book.

What this all boils down to is that "Saved by the Light" is an interesting movie and benefits greatly from the casting of Eric Roberts. But there is something missing and that something leaves the movie relying heavily on Eric Roberts to carry the movie which for me he doesn't quite manage.