Sarah's Choice (2009) Rebecca St. James, Andrea Logan White, Dick Van Patten, Staci Keanan Movie Review

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Rebecca St. James in Sarah's Choice (2009)

A Life Choice

Sarah Collins (Rebecca St. James) is young, attractive and having worked hard is on the verge of a major promotion which will allow her to be rid of her unreliable rust bucket and get a new car. But there is only one problem, Sarah discovers she is pregnant and it certainly wasn't planned especially with her immature boyfriend who comes up with various money making schemes. It leads Sarah to think about what she wants; whether she wants to possibly throw away the career she worked for by having a child or whether she should have an abortion. With such a big decision Sarah meets a mysterious stranger who may help her make up her mind by saying she will have three visions.

So I had better state the facts first and "Sarah's Choice" is a pro-life movie with a Christian side. That doesn't mean it is bible bashing and full of rage when it comes to the pro abortion side of the argument, in fact "Sarah's Choice" is a surprisingly level headed movie which tries to show various angles. Having said that it won't be for everyone and features many of the issues people expect with movies which come under the Christian cinema banner such as shaky acting, shaky camera work and so on.

The thing about "Sarah's Choice" is that as I said it is surprisingly level headed and so we do see various sides of the argument. For Sarah having been brought up in a church going family she knows that from a Christian side abortion is wrong and that she should put her faith in God. But then there is the voice of her friend who believes Sarah should not feel pressured to keep the baby and it is her choice whether to abort the baby, and she feels strongly about this as when she had an abortion at 16 she was made to feel bad by the over zealousness of some pro-life campaigners. But then there is Sarah dealing with her relationship with Matt who is pretty immature which leads to him having to do some serious thinking about becoming responsible. As I said it is surprisingly level headed with Sarah taking time to work through what she wants to do; understanding how far along her baby is and what the bible says on abortion and other things.

But then there is another side to "Sarah's Choice" as we have an encounter with a stranger in a lift who says she will have 3 visions of the future and so Sarah gets to see what bringing up her own child would be like. I wouldn't say that this is "A Christmas Carol" type aspect but it allows for some light hearted scenes to be included which to be honest are welcome due to the weightiness of the subject matter.

What this all boils down to is that is "Sarah's Choice" is an interesting and semi-entertaining movie which whilst pro-life does a decent job of highlighting elements of both sides of the argument. Yes it has flaws and the characterisations are too forced when it comes to the pro-abortion side of the movie with them coming across as pushy and verging on the nasty but it is still an interesting movie.