Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (2009) Jenny McCarthy, Dean McDermott, Paul Sorvino, Kelly Stables Movie Review

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Jenny McCarthy in Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (2009)

Not such a Merry Mary

Having returned to the city Mary (Jenny McCarthy) finds herself juggling her growing business with her boyfriend Luke (Dean McDermott) who has left the North Pole to be with her in the city where he now works as a mail man. But life takes an unexpected turn when at one of her business events Mary discovers her father, Santa (Paul Sorvino), playing jazz in a small band having suffered a late-life crisis and walked out on the North Pole. Now Mary finds herself having to not only juggle her life but also sorting out her father and making sure Christmas doesn't end up ruined for everyone which becomes all the more messy when she discovers an elf called Teri (Kelly Stables) has started running things up at the North Pole.

I reckon I could go through all the other Santa based Christmas movies I have watched and pick those who share plot ideas with "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe". The only difference being is that despite being just 80 minutes long "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe" manages to combine a few together and in fairness does an entertaining job of it at the same time. Although due to the familiarity of it all I would be being naughty if I said that "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe" stuck out from the crowd of Christmas movies.

Dean McDermott in Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (2009)

Now whilst the set up to "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe" is Santa having a late-life crisis, with Paul Sorvino doing a nice job of replacing George Wendt, the real story revolves around two things. The first of those is Mary's continual struggle when it comes to being the corporate suit and also the daughter of Santa with her business style not that well suited to the fun factory which is the North Pole. But at the same time you have Teri who has set her eyes on becoming not only No. 1 at the North Pole but also getting her claws into Luke as well, leading the elves out on strike much to the annoyance of Mary. I won't go any further other than to say whilst all the ingredients work it is at times a little busy and of course obvious.

What is again the case with "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe" is that a big slice of this movie is all about the look. That runs from Jenny McCarthy looking stunning in a winter hat and coat to the North Pole itself which has one of the most perfect looking sets you will find.

What this all boils down to is that "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe" is still an entertain Santa based Christmas movie delivering the look and plenty of fun. But in truth it isn't the most original with story ideas combined from other Santa movies.

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