Sandra Brown's White Hot (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sandra Brown's White Hot (2016)

Death by Design

Having left her hometown in Louisiana more than a decade ago Sayre Hoyle (Shenae Grimes-Beech) has become a top interior designer in San Francisco. But an unexpected phone call leads her back home following a brother's death and back in to the air of animosity between her and her father Huff (John Schneider) who is still a bully and business owner who likes to get his own way. Whilst the accepted cause of death is an accidental gunshot wound Sayre suspects otherwise as her brother wasn't a hunter and she sets about proving it with the help of local attorney Beck Merchant (Sean Faris) who works for Huff. But as Sayre digs in to things she not only has to deal with threats but she untangles a complicated web of lies and cover ups.

"Sandra Brown's White Hot" is another murder mystery from the Hallmark channel but it isn't one of their fun ones where it runs to a formula and features a romantic friendship between a business owner and the guy down the street. Nope "Sandra Brown's White Hot" is a murder mystery which whilst not going for grit and realism is more focused on being dramatic rather than the more common place fun. And in truth it achieves having a different feel, a more serious feel than you might have been anticipating whilst still squeezing in that obligatory side serving of romance.

But whilst "Sandra Brown's White Hot" has a different feel it is full of cliches as we have skeletons in people's closets, nefarious actions from family members, old murders, devious plans for revenge and so much more including someone manipulating another as well as cops who turn a blind eye to things. And all of that comes together to create a detailed but not too surprising murder mystery. Now to go in to detail would spoil the movie but I will say one of the most obvious aspects as we have the sins of the father not only coming back to haunt him but also affecting his entire family.

The thing is that whilst at times "Sandra Brown's White Hot" feels like it relies a little too much on genre standards it is still entertaining. It has a nice look and a nice looking cast who in truth play their parts well although not necessarily memorably. In truth that is the biggest problem with this TV movie as it just isn't memorable and whilst entertaining not entertaining enough to make you feel like it needs to be watched again in case you missed anything.

What this all boils down to is that "Sandra Brown's White Hot" is an entertaining distraction for those who like the easy on the eye and mind nature of Hallmark movies. But whilst enjoyable it isn't enjoyable enough to make you feel like you need to watch it a second or third time.