Same Time Next Week (2017) Movie Review

Same Time Next Week (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jewel Staite in Same Time Next Week (2017)

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Since her husband's death, about 9 months earlier, Sara (Jewel Staite - 40 Below and Falling) has been trying to complete his bucket list whilst setting up a business with her sister, Maggie (Stephanie Bennett). That not only causes some issues as Maggie is secretly dating Teddy (Chris McNally - Rocky Mountain Christmas), a contractor working on the building and doesn't want to rub their love in her sister's face but it also leads to Sara hurting her wrist after she fell off a scooter. It does bring her in to contact with Dr. Ryan (Travis Milne - Summer Love), also a widower who lost his wife 3 years earlier and is just trying to move on. It leads to Ryan trying to help Sara complete the bucket list which in turn leads to them becoming close. But it causes Sara to back off as she feels she is betraying her late husband by becoming close to another man so soon after his death.

Like other movies I have watched from the Pixl Network "Same Time Next Week" has a pretty routine main storyline as we have this sweet romance between two widows, one more ready to move on than the other which of course leads to some hesitancy from Sara. But with these Pixl movies it is the subplots which ends up making them more entertaining than you expect. As such we have Sara's sister who is being hesitant over marriage as she doesn't want to upset Sara. Plus there is an old couple in love who live in an old people's home and want Ryan to help with their wedding. I won't tell you how these subplots play out because they are kind of the unknown quantity compared to the obvious nature of the main storyline.

Travis Milne in Same Time Next Week (2017)

What this means is that "Same Time Next Week" is unsurprisingly some light weight romantic fun with pleasant characters which are nicely acted. But these are not memorable characters and to be honest the storyline is not that memorable either and as such "Same Time Next Week" is one of those afternoon movies which you find yourself watching when you haven't got anything better to do and don't want to have to concentrate too much on clever plots or complex characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Same Time Next Week" is a perfect example of the sort of romantic drama you find on Pixl with an obvious central storyline but with some entertaining subplots making it lightweight fun.