Salem Witch Trials (2002) starring Kirstie Alley, Henry Czerny, Gloria Reuben, Jay O. Sanders, Kristin Booth, Katie Boland, Alan Bates, Rebecca De Mornay, Peter Ustinov, Shirley MacLaine directed by Joseph Sargent Movie Review

Salem Witch Trials (2002)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kirstie Alley in Salem Witch Trials (2002)

For Salem Afficionadoes

Most people have heard of the "Salem Witch Trials" but I am sure just as many are like me who having heard of them don't really know much about them. It is because of that when I stumbled across "Salem Witch Trials" a lengthy mini-series I decided to watch in the hope of being educated about the infamous events in Salem during the 17th century. And in fairness "Salem Witch Trials" is a well produced, well acted mini-series which can be watched as one long movie but sadly for those like me with just the barest knowledge of what went on it is hard work.

The trouble is that "Salem Witch Trials" plays like a movie made for those who are studying the infamous events and are already aware of the people involved and in many ways what happened. It does try to establish the setting and characters so that for those with no real knowledge can follow but it is still hard work.

And that is a shame because "Salem Witch Trials" is an impressive production which fills that gap where it is not quite up to big screen standards but superior to what you usually find when it comes to made for TV movies and mini-series. The look as in the costumes and locations are impressive and whilst the camera work has a feel of being rigid it isn't too stand off-ish. Plus this mini-series has a very good cast which includes Shirley MacLaine, Henry Czerny, Peter Ustinov and Kirstie Alley all of whom deliver what to me feels like authentic character portrayals be it showing the fear or the fury of their characters.

What this all boils down t to is that "Salem Witch Trials" is to be honest a good TV movie/ mini-series but it is not for those with just the barest knowledge of the events but more for those who are either studying the trials or have a great interest in what happened.